Not Just An Online Hotel Channel Manager

But, A Complete Distribution Ecosystem

100+ Connected Channels • Real Time Updates • Unlimited Bookings • Maximum Revenue • Unparalleled Service

Connecting your hotel with 100+ travel booking sites including OTAs (Online Travel Agents), GDSs (Global Distribution Systems), Vacation Rentals, Metasearch Sites and more, Jonaren Channel Manager is a compelling online hotel channel manager that effectively automates the process of online rates and inventory distribution while minimizing the hassles associated with overbooking and mismatched inventory.

Minimize Overbookings

Our hotel channel manager instantly updates the latest inventory across all your connected channels, making overbookings a rare occurrence at your hotel.

Competitor Rates Analysis

Through real-time competitor rate analysis, our channel management software keeps you up to date with current market scenario, allowing you to update your pricing strategy accordingly.

Effortlessly Regulate Rate Parity

Acknowledging the rate parity clause applied by travel booking sites, our OTA synchronizer ensures real-time updates across all platforms, leaving little to no chance for error.

Eminent Yield Management

Determining the perfect selling price, Jonaren hotel channel manager evaluates property’s BAR (Best Available Rate) helping you make a quick decision and yield maximum returns.

Mobile Channel Manager

In the world of smartphones, our mobile channel manager allows you to practice all channel manager activities right from the convenience of your smartphone.

Integrated PMS and Booking Engine

As all Jonaren cloud solutions are built on the same platform, we ensure seamless synchronization between the channel manager, PMS and reservation system.

Exclusive Account Manager

Devotedly looking after your property's system configuration, training and other queries, Jonaren appointed consultant will take care of your needs while you enjoy the benefits.

100+ Travel Booking Channels

Don't miss out on a single booking, easily maintain your online presence on 100s of global and local travel booking channels - (OTAs, GDSs, vacation rental portals etc.)