Jonaren CRM helps you run campaigns and generate more quality leads. We give you the tools you need to execute your marketing strategy and measure ROI.


Data Management, Profiling & Targeting

Gather business intelligence on your target accounts/market. Manage all your accounts/contacts within your CRM. Target your ‘ideal’ customer, based on their profile.
• Full contact management.
• Track relevant information such as industry, size, and interests at the Organisation level.
• People are profiled (e.g. job role, interests) and the information can be used for campaigns or to drive sales/marketing behaviour.
• Target customers based on previous purchase history and known preferences.

Track Marketing Activities

Manage your/your team's day-to-day workload and keep on top of outstanding actions to ensure project milestones are hit and campaigns are delivered on time. Tasks and Meetings can be associated with specific marketing campaigns to provide full visibility.
• Activities are created and completed by the marketing team.
• Reports can be used to ensure key activities have been completed at the right time.
• See if you have any resource issues within your team and prioritise workload.

Email Campaigns

Segment your database. Use templates to send targeted email messages or integrate directly with leading email marketing providers such as MailChimp or dotmailer. Gain visibility of all prospect/customer interaction and track key metrics (such as open and click rates) against relevant marketing campaigns.
• Track your best performing campaigns.
• Segment your data and create mailing lists for marketing campaigns.
• Full email marketing capabilities: mass emailing, managing hard bounces and unsubscribes etc.
• Target personalised communications to the right prospects with information relevant to them at their particular stage in the buying cycle.

Website Lead Capture

Automatically capture leads from your website, assign them to queues/campaigns and notify your sales team members.
• Create different forms to capture and classify different types of leads.
• Capture the source and campaign of the lead.
• Capture relevant information for detailed reporting on Marketing Campaign success.
• Integrate with other marketing platforms, such as HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, etc.

Lead Scoring

Allocate criteria to help sales and marketing prioritise their time. Distribute leads to the right teams for follow-up. Use scoring to ensure sales spend their time following-up on the deals most likely to convert.
• Reports highlight customers most likely or unlikely to make a purchase.
• Adapt sales and marketing behaviour around purchase likelihood.
• Motivate your teams by prioritising leads most likely to convert into an opportunity.
• Score is calculated based on specific attributes that you determine.

Marketing Metrics

Capture key information such as campaign ROI, lead volumes by source, lead conversion. Use Dashboards and Reports to ensure you have real-time information at your fingertips rather than spending time manually updating outdated spreadsheets.
• Use Reports to track lead conversion and identify your most profitable campaigns / initiatives.
• Use key metrics to influence your marketing behaviour.
• Track your team's outstanding activities to ensure workload is distributed effectively.

Website Analytics

Turn anonymous traffic into sales by discovering who was on your website and what pages they viewed. Knowing visitor interests prior to a call will help sales conversion rates and marketing can nurture more effectively by sending the most relevant information.
• Capture website data such as last visited date, last conversion, number of visits and pages viewed.
• Build reports that show ‘people last on your website’ to drive sales and marketing behaviour.
• Create notifications when key leads have visited your site.
• Automatically pull in financial data, employee names, job titles and email addresses.

POs Management

Manage your marketing expenditure more effectively. Raise Purchase Orders and track marketing expenditure for goods or services you are purchasing. Easily identify the current status of Supplier Orders and whether they have been approved/paid/delivered.
• Manage sign-off, approval processes and the type of expenditure.
• Audit who approved Supplier Orders.
• Automatically relate the Supplier Orders to the relevant Organisation or Person record.
• Track the expected delivery date of goods and services.

Supplier Management

Typically you will have a multitude of partners who provide you with marketing services such as lead purchase, email marketing, lead nurturing, event management, design & print contractors etc. Track and manage these suppliers in Jonaren CRM so the relevant information is stored in one place.
• Use Organisation/People records to track suppliers by category and record details of key people and their roles.
• Track Emails, Notes and Activities against suppliers and people.
• Upload commercial documents.
• Track when commercial agreements are due to expire so you do not miss important dates such as renewal or termination deadlines.

Telemarketing Campaigns

Data can be segmented and added to Marketing Campaigns to enable Telemarketing teams to focus on delivering targeted messaging. Track progress and review performance easily and effectively.
• Use campaign records to drive lists of leads/prospects for the Telemarketing team to work through.
• Opportunities can be automatically related to your Telemarketing Marketing Campaigns to allow you to easily determine ROI.
• Track the progress of your Marketing Campaigns by looking at the status of the outstanding related activities.