Jonaren CRM enables you to work more effectively, to better identify opportunities, close more deals and grow revenue.


Contact Management & Prospect Profiling

Use every interaction with a prospect to further your business intelligence. Capture knowledge, map relationships and segment your data to improve sales prospecting. Sync everything with Outlook, Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 or Google Apps.
• Record all the interactions you have with people, including Notes, Meetings, previous purchases, Tasks and Emails.
• Automatically ‘roll-up’ all the information to the Organisation level, to get a single summary view of all interactions.
• Easily track relationships, such as suppliers, customers, partners and previous employment history.
• Profile individuals and track relationships: job roles, hobbies, interests.

Tracking Sales Activities

Record Sales Activities to ensure that Opportunities are progressed effectively and no calls are overlooked. Analyse which activities are the most productive and replicate these as best-practice examples for the whole team.

Answer questions such as:

• Are my sales team up-to-date with their activities? Do they have enough to follow-up on?
• Is there enough resource within the team?

• How many meetings, calls and activities have been carried out by salesperson?

• Do we have any opportunities that do not have a next step action against them?

Opportunity Management

Manage sales opportunities, improve conversation rates, drive best practice across your sales team and grow revenue. With a CRM system undermining your sales execution, you can ensure that your Sales people share a common methodology, understand where their prospects are in the sales process and address their needs effectively - ultimately increasing closure rates.

Using Opportunities you can track key elements of the deal such as:

• Which products and services are being sold?
• Their stage in the sales cycle and the likely close dates.
• Who are the key stakeholders and how engaged are they?
• What are the risks in the deal, who are the competition?

Sales Forecasting

Enable your sales people to forecast effectively. Identify your ‘best case’ and ‘commit’. Determine how likely those deals are to close and if your team is likely to hit target. Generate Reports and Dashboards to provide real-time visibility to sales teams and managers.
• Report on any attributes of an opportunity, including sales rep, products being sold, gross margin, geography.
• Consolidate opportunities in multiple currencies into a single report.
• Analyse your sales team's performance and identify improvement areas.
• Identify what you have achieved this quarter and the status and likelihood of the deals outstanding.
• Plan resources for order fulfilment.

Sales Performance Metrics

Generate Reports and Dashboards that give you insight into your sales pipeline and performance. By understanding your sales performance you can improve execution, increase conversion rates and grow your revenues.

Easily answer questions like:

• How much have we sold this month?
• Which salespeople are hitting (or missing) their targets?
• How much pipeline do we have by stage, by rep and by product?
• What are our conversation rates?
• What is our average sales cycle?

Existing Account Management

Manage your customers more effectively by using the data held in your CRM. Understand your customer landscape, improve retention rates, up-sell within an account. Improve your customer service.
• Record customer meetings and account reviews.
• Track key stakeholders and identify their role in the organisation.
• Capture order history to identify buying trends and up-selling possibilities.
• Identify ‘at risk’ customers and prospects and put processes in place to mitigate these.


Build professional looking quotations in a matter of minutes. Standardise terms and conditions, control discounting and ensure quotations are followed-up effectively.
• Create PDF or Email quotations including images, logos etc.
• Create multiple templates with different layouts for different purposes.
• Implement discount and pricing approval workflows.
• Create Quotations from Opportunities in a single click.

Order Creation & Processing

Create and manage orders within your CRM. Turn quotes into orders with a single click and track the status of orders as they are fulfilled and invoiced.
• Create professional looking PDF’s to send to your customers and track their progress.
• Automatically send orders for electronic signature to close deals faster and reduce paperwork (third-party plugin).
• Track Order and Invoice Status to identify which orders need sales focus to turn into billings.
• Create Activities and Notes against Sales Orders.