Strategic Alliance

A software distributor is someone who sells software to the end user and, thus, acts as an important link between the company and the consumer. Becoming a software distributor requires that you sign up for affiliate or reseller programs offered by the companies. Once your membership to the program is approved, you can start promoting the software and earning commission on sales. Here we outline the steps to become a software distributor and sell softwares.

Understand SAAS Software Distribution

SAAS which is an abbreviation of Software As A Service. SAAS software distribution is rapidly eliminating the use of physical media, such as CDs, to distribute software as most software can now be delivered to the users over the Internet right after the purchase is made. This practice of bypassing traditional mediums of software distribution is making it easier and cost effective to sell software online. It has also opened doors to a huge business opportunity for people who want to sell software online and earn commissions on sales. With SAAS software distribution becoming mainstream, it is easier than ever to become a software distributor now.

Choose Your Niche

As a software distributor you have the option to sell any type of software; however, it is important to select a niche and build your software distribution business around that niche. Since software programs can range from accounting software to video editing software or simple word processing software to complex CRM software or ERP Software. The key is to find the type of software that you want to promote and sell. The decision should be based upon your knowledge of the domain and interest in it. On the business side you need to find software that sells and has a large enough market size. Since you want to be earning money by selling software, you may not want to go too niche with the choice as this will reduce the overall market size.

Partner Plans

Starter Plan

₹ 50,000

Registration Charges
  • 10% commision on total amount of pspm
  • Phone and Email support to the Distributor and to the End Customer as well.
  • Training given to only one person
  • Training manual Given to Distributor
  • Target limit for maintaining the registration
  • Marketing material will be given
  • Validity check period six months
  • Limited marketing Assistance.
Premium Plan

₹ 2,00,000

Registration Charges
  • Marketing material will be given.
  • Traning given to multiple individual or a team togather.
  • No Target Limit.
  • Phone and email support to both Distributor and End Customer
  • Registration Validity period - One Year
  • Installation and Setup Support
  • Training will be given to End Customer.
  • Onsite Support
  • Priority Support with SLA and TAT
  • Training Manual will be given.
  • UnlimitedMarketing asistance will be given to the Distributor.